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Lieutenant of the Order for Canada-Atlantic:
H.E. Trudy L. Comeau, DCHS (LCHS)
Email: eohsjatlantic@bellaliant.net

Messages From Our Lieutenant:
I am very pleased to tell you that the date has been set for our AGM/Investiture weekend next year, June 9/10, 2017 and we will be honoured with the presence of the Grand Master of the Order, Edwin Cardinal O’Brien at our celebrations.

Though we are ancient in origins, the Order is working diligently to keep relevant with what is happening within the church and around the world. The new website : www.oessh.va  is up and running along with Facebook and Twitter – visit and follow!! There are reports from the Lieutenants’ meetings both in North America and Europe and an interview with Fr Pizzaballa who has taken responsibilities as the new Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarch with the retirement of His Beatitude Fouad Twal. For real assurance that the Order is following its mission to assist those living in the Holy Land, read about the project to build 400 care centers to alleviate the ‘Babywarehouse” problem. (P XVIII). Our Order is vitally important to providing aid (both spiritually and materially) to those in the Holy land. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Fr Paul Morris, KCHS and Fr James Mallon, KCHS will be the spiritual leaders for a Holy Land Pilgrimage in May 2017. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is not just a vacation, it is like walking through the Bible and absorbing the history of our faith in a very profound way. To walk where Jesus walked, stand where the apostles stood and listen to the scripture passages from those very spots can be life changing. For any member of the Order who has not yet been to the Holy Land, this would be an opportunity to receive your Pilgrim Shell which is among the highest honours for any member of the Order. The Pilgrim Shell would be awarded by the Latin Patriarch or his designate at a ceremony that would be arranged.
As in the past few years, I invite you join me at a table for  Archbishop Mancini’s Annual Dinner on October 5, 2016.

The guest speaker for the evening will be Cardinal LaCroix, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada and Grand Prior of the Quebec Lieutenancy, EOHSJ.  Cardinal LaCroix will be addressing the end of life issues that are affecting Catholics today .

This year funds are being raised to support the new Ministry of Care and Companionship.

The Ministry of Care and Companionship works to:

  1. increase the awareness of the needs of those who suffer from illness, frailty with age, the dying and bereaved within our communities;
  2. assist parish communities in developing, preparing, and supporting teams of trained parishioners to be ministers of care and companionship for the dying and their families.
When:  Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Where:  Cunard Centre, 961 Marginal Road, Halifax
What:  Reception & Silent Auction  6:00pm
            Dinner  7:00pm
Cost $125.00 per person (a tax receipt will be issued for a portion of the ticket price.)
To purchase tickets visit the website www.halifaxyarmouth.org/dinner or call Lydia Hood at (902) 429-9800 ext 401. Please request to be seated at the table for the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.
If you have already purchased tickets and wish to be at our table, please let me know and I will be in touch with Lydia.
I hope to see many of you at the Dinner!

Atlantic Canada AGM 2016

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Investiture 2013


The Ladies and Knights of the Equestrian (Knightly) Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem are pleased to greet you in the name of our Crucified and Risen Lord.
We invite you to explore both the history and the mission of this Order of Chivalry

By visiting this site, we hope you will have some idea of the relevance of being a Knight or Lady of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the few Orders of Chivalry which entails a serious commitment for its members.

Throughout the ages, various Popes have praised the Order and have entrusted to the members of the Order the primary missions of personal sanctification and support of our Christian sisters and brothers in the Holy Land. Being a Knight or Lady of this Order is not an empty honor -it is a privilege conferred on those who profess the Catholic Faith in union with the Pope and strive to live out the promises made at their investiture in their daily lives.

The work of the Order in the Holy Land is expressed through prayer, knowledge and education about the conditions in the Holy Land, sharing this awareness with others,and through financial contributions to the work of the Latin Patriarch and various other institutions. Many educational institutions owe their very existence and continued operation to the contributions made by the various Lieutenancies of the Order throughout the World. While struggling to maintain a relatively strong Christian presence in the land made sacred by the Life, Death and Resurrection of Our Saviour, the percentage of Christians in these Sacred Land is diminishing for a variety of reasons.
All institutions supported by the Equestrian Order are available to all peoples living in the Holy Land.

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An Article by H.E. Russell Kendall on the Importance of the Work of the Order in the Holy Land
Study of the Situation in the Bethlehem Area
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